Karma Digital Corporation

Karma HTPC

Project information

  • Product: Home Theater PC
  • Manufacturer: Karma
  • Project date: 2006 - 2008
  • Operating System: LinuxMCE

Karma Home Theater PC

Karma Digital Corporation's HeatSink-Technology case for increased and improved heat-dissipation. The Karma HTPC is a silent Home Theater PC, which comprised of a complete stack system with its own dedicated amplifier and extra storage base for a complete Home Theater PC entertainment stack system using the LinuxMCE operating system. A high-end, high-quality solution, built and sold specifically to individuals in Bluechip Organizations in the City of London, UK.

The Karma HTPC designed for lower power processors combining silent technologies with power saving features and connectivity for audio and video devices. Compared to most other HTPCs, the Karma HTPC is very slim with a height of only 9cm to blend well with other A/V components. The elegant design has a slot-loading DVD drive, VFD and IR behind a highly polished acrylic front. An external power supply is utilized for highest efficiency and minimal heat inside the box. The Karma HTPC comes with either an ATX or micro-ATX motherboard, 3 HDDs, 1 Slot-In DVD, 1 VFD with IR and 3 expansion slot cards with riser cards.

Karma HTPC Model 1

Karma HTPC Model 2

Karma HTPC Model 3

Karma HTPC Model 3 Internal

Karma HTPC Model 3 Underneath

Karma HTPC Model 3 Stack System