Karma Digital Corporation

HTPC Case TF Series

Project information

  • Product: TF Series
  • Designer: Omaura
  • Project date: 2006 - 2010
  • Read Review: AV Forums

Model: TF Series

The TF Series are the sought-after range of HTPC cases designed by Omaura and comprised of various dimensions from slim to tall. The various models included the TF5, TF8, the TF11 and a HardDrive extra storage the TFHDD. A stack system of a fully built Omaura, Karma, Aumro HTPC system which included; the extra-storage, a specific sound amplifier, a built-in LCD display screen and its own dedicated sound equalizer. Karma Digital Corporation created Aumro and assisted in its mass-production by outsourcing its manufacturing to a factory in Xiamen, China, close to Taiwan for its logistics, in order to commercialize to market with having European Exclusivity and re-branding with its brand-names of: Karma and Aumro.

A Fully Built HTPC Stack System

Karma HTPC Case

The TF5 HTPC Case

The TF8 HTPC Case

The TF11 HTPC Case

The TF LCD Screen

HTPC Enthusiasts

The Omaura and Karma HTPC cases were used by Home Theater PC enthusiast's for their complete system build from around the world.

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