Karma Digital Corporation

Creating a better World

An asset holdings company delivering solutions for the betterment of humanity!

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A development and manufacturing solutions provider assisting in easing the burdens and hardship which others may take for granted.

Self Sufficient

Enabling people to make the leap towards being self-sufficient with a happier life!

As long as the fundamental basics are met, they are free to explore, prosper and do what they love doing instead.

  • Some of these fundamentals include:

    Renewable and alternative energy solutions with no more utility bills just to simply live life on Earth.

  • Other fundamentals include:

    Natural healing and betterment through wellness in health (body and mind) with no more medical bills.

We are always in product development and sourcing enabling us to look at new and pioneering projects that includes: technologies, innovation, invention and creation with its distribution to market.

Core skill developments include

Product Development100%
Technology Development100%
Manufacturing Development100%
Energy Development100%
Software Development100%
Hardware Development100%

Some of our projects

We have undertaken various projects and developments while scaling new on-going innovative ideas and solutions.

Energy Development

2015 - Present: The research of various alternative energy solutions.

Solar Components

2010 - 2017: Solutions using solar power components for off-grid living.

Home Theater PC

2006 - 2009: A 100% silent Home Theater PC and a range of Home Theater PC cases.

Natural Nutrition

2006 - 2008: The development of natural nutritional wellness products.

Cloud Computing

2002 - Present: One of the first SaaS, an already hosted Online Paperless Office.

Small PC

2000 - 2004: The development and distribution of the world's smallest PC at the time.

Roadmap and vision

Karma Digital Corporation, is currently under-going some new projects within its roadmap in order to fulfill its vision.

  • We are currently developing and launching an online CRM using blockchain technology. A decentralized B2B platform developed with trade and transactions together with smart-contracts and smart-licensing agreements anywhere in the world in any industry with instant protection of IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) and Copyrights protection.

  • Our continued research into old advanced ancient knowledge and the application of energy, frequency and vibrations creating electro-magnetism and its energy generation without the need to use any of Earth’s resources for clean renewable energy.

  • The development of fresh-frozen organic fruits & veg, for the development of a range of ready-made desserts and a range of fresh frozen organic produce direct from the farmer(s).

  • If you are an inventor, an innovator or a developer of kind and you have a project that you wish to have assistance in commercializing to market, please send us an email enquiry and we will see if we are able to assist in order to help bring it to mass production.

  • To enable people being self-sufficient in their energy needs and creation. By being self-sufficient in this way, they will be able to live with less worries and financial outlay/debt, worry free of bills and to concentrate on the things that matters most and what they love doing most, without having the burden of utility bills just to live life on Earth.

    For people to be consuming nutritional and natural organic foods for self-sufficient wellbeing, personal development and increased immune system enabling them to have a long healthy-life free of illness and disease with increased energy and vigor, elimitating medical bills. The human body, the mind and its processes of thoughts and emotions are human technology, which needs fueling and maintenance for its best efficiency.

  • By sourcing the right partners together with intelligent strategies we aim to deliver our vision. Together, we aim to bring new pioneering technologies so that people are able to live in peace and harmony with one-another, no more wars for territories and resources by developing disruptive innovations and decentralizing control on energy and finance. Resulting in no more conditioning of competition to survive, but instead with co-operation... altogether strive.